At Planning Stage consider the Impact your End-product will have…

Putting the Environment FIRST consciously and actively in our Production Plan is how we can help make a difference in our footprint and produce less pollution.

Everything we action has a reaction ~ in OUR - Personal Lives, - Homes, - Communities, - Wildlife, - Natures Elements and World Environment on the whole. In order to live Mindfully and Actively play a role in being part of a Solution to our Pollution Crisis (what most of our man-made products are contributing to) - Let us consider how our Marketable End-product will impact for the Good all-round.

At Planning Stage we can make better production choices:
1. Functional Products,
2. Production Materials: Natural/Recycled (Paper, Textile, Wood, Plastic)
3. Production Quantities: Aimed to Target Market (avoid excess/waste)

If your business is intent on producing functional/reusable products aimed to reach your target market while treading lightly on the environment - I am already interested in partnering with you on your next Creative Project. Contact me and Let’s discuss your next Big Idea!

Let’s tread lightly on the Environment.
Let’s Create an End-Product with Greener results that you’re proud of bringing into the World.

Coll Gomes Skills & Experience

  • Graphic Design
    Adobe Creative Suite, Powerpoint, MSWord

  • Photography
    Portrait, Commercial, Event

  • Project Management
    Communication with Special Service Providers, Production to Delivery of Graphic Design Products (Printing - various finishes, Artisanal goods)

  • Event Design, Event Coordination & Management
    Meeting with Client/Venue, Planning, Designing, Quoting, Print & Digital Marketing Collateral; Decor Design; Handling Hiring (Goods & Services); Managing Setup, Event, & Packup

  • Product Design, Production Coordination & Management
    Print & Digital Marketing Collateral; Trophies & Decor Design; Taking Creative Briefs & Giving Briefs, Overseeing Project to Completion

  • Direct Marketing
    Print & Digital Collateral; Websites, Social Media

Coll Gomes Experience in the following Sectors

  • Commercial, Tourism, Trade, Industry, Real Estate, Entrepreneural: Design, Photography, Printing, Digital

  • Corporate, Finance, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Construction, Lifestyle: Marketing Assistance

  • Private, Sporting, Corporate, Catering: Event Design, Coordinating & Management

  • Publishing Design & Layout: Children’s Books, Photographic Coffee Table Book, Tribute Books: Heritage, Corporate, Celebration, Newsletters

  • Performing Arts: Album Cover Design, Posters, Programmes

Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

Currently available for Hire: Freelance Assignments | Independent Contract Work
I am based in Cape Town, South Africa, providing design services for clients locally and abroad.