Consider the difference your end-product will make, for the good. Make it matter… in community and environment, home or business.”

Colleen Gomes, Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer, Dreamer, Forest Activist


Graphic Design is the foundation of all my work and my creative drive, and working with different creative mediums. Experienced in Graphic Design, Printing processes, Photography, Event Design & Coordination in Cape Town, and abroad. I’m continually inspired and refreshed by new projects and Clients who entrust and assign me to conceptualise and improve their presentation. No job too big or small. Excellent track record of meeting deadlines and budget. Annually I do philanthropic work for the causes I love.

Passionate about Life, People & Design and making Time to nurture & grow myself, my relationships & my freelance business in this fast-paced society. Always interested in Learning what great Leaders have to share on self-actualisation, relationships and business growth ~ and SO many lessons there are at our fingertips… making choices and time to implement some of those lessons into my own life is an ongoing project. In my Design/Marketing research, I come across a lot of good tips and Marketing resources, and as a Designer working with Marketers, I have learned the value of Sharing that Info forward, to Assist and Inspire Clients, Subscribers and Followers in growing their business along with their newly designed collateral.

Colls Skills & Experience

  1. Graphic Design, Finishing Artist [Adobe Creative Suite, Powerpoint, MSWord]
  2. Photography (portrait, commercial, event)
  3. Project Management
  4. Event Design & Coordinator
  5. Product Design & Coordinator
  6. Digital Marketing

Graphic Designer ~ Photographic & Graphic Design Studio Team (16yr)
Graphic Designer Independent Contract ~ Corporate Marketing Team (3yr)
Graphic Designer Freelance Projects ~ Public Relation Strategists Projects, Entrepreneural and Small Businesses (8yr+)
Event Designer & Coordinator (15yr)

Colls Industry Experience

  • Design, Photography, Printing [Commercial, Tourism, Trade, Publishing, Media]
  • Marketing & Communications [Finance, Construction]
  • Events [Sporting, Corporate, Private, Catering]
  • Publishing [Illustrative, Photographic, Real Estate, Tributes, Corporate]
  • Corporate [Infrastructure, Finance, Renewable Energy]
  • Entrepreneurs [Business, Lifestyle, Catering]

Colls Portfolio Highlights

Günther Komnick Studio: Graphic Design | Photography | Publishing | Printing:
- Fish Media
- BCLME (Benguela Current Commission)
- ASCLME (Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystem)
- I&J (Irvan & Johnson)
- Antarctica (SA)
- BP
- Dpt of Science & Technology (SA)
- Grindrod J&J Logistics
- Geiger & Klotzbucher
- SCANSA Trade
- Eagle Inks
- Woodheads
- Cape Peninsula Tourism
- Kelvin Grove Club
- African Maritime Services
- Impressions by Günther Komnick

African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM)
(ReBranding: All Print & Online Marketing Collateral, Website, Company Events, Office Interior Brand Refresh)

Stillwater Sports & Events (various product design projects)
Trademark Communications (various marketing collateral projects)
Marvello & Mill - Communication Strategists (various marketing collateral projects)
The Resource Alliance
Climate Fund Managers
Entrepreneur | Business Projects:
A Ladies Day Out
African Spiral Tour
Bunting & Biscuits
Contact a Contractor
DDA Environmental Engineers
Food Stylist Juleta Hirner
Kitchen at 49
Oka Vanga
SUP Centre
Spirit of Rooibos, Spirit Aperitif

Artwork available on request.